Our mission is to rescue and restore our daughters.

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Our Method

Our Daughters International and our partners use the acronym S.E.E.D. to inform our courses of action: Safety, Empowerment, Eradication, and Development. We bring trafficked women into safety. We empower them to rediscover themselves and grow healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We work with government officials and law enforcement to eradicate trafficking by changing laws and prosecuting  perpetrators at the local and international levels. And, we give opportunities to rescued women to develop their potential and secure self-sustaining work through skill training, micro-businesses, and loans.


We believe that unifying anti-trafficking efforts globally is the best way to bring our daughters into safety and to give them hope and a future. That's why we partner with organizations on the front line – in the United States, Nepal, India, Cambodia, or any corner of planet earth – who are rescuing and rehabilitating our daughters.

Her name can no longer be victim, because she is our daughter. She has dreams. She has potential.
Let’s give her a future.
— Our Daughters International