2018: What We've Been Up To


This year — 2018 — has been one for the books. We have accomplished more for our daughters than ever before. As we tally up this year’s victories, we do it with gratitude for those who support this work, and respect for our daughters who persevere daily to reclaim their lives and to reach for a better future for all women. Celebrate these numbers with us:

  • Vulnerable women and girls given counsel at the Nepal/India border: 16,743

  • Victims rescued from human trafficking: 886

  • Victims provided with emergency shelter: 480

  • Survivors brought to Safe House: 82

  • Survivors receiving skill training at Training Center: 45

  • Graduates starting self-sustaining businesses: 26

  • Women Empowerment Groups established: 97

  • Women Empowerment Group members: 3,200

  • Legal Literacy Training provided: 150

  • Anti-trafficking Awareness Training: 2,500

  • Case Management Training: 25

  • Leadership Training: 28

  • Educational scholarships for at-risk girls: 171

Despite this good news, the need abounds. Please help us continue fighting for our daughters by giving a year-end gift

Rescued in the 11th Hour


In mid-October, staff members from our partner in Nepal were contacted by an escapee – a Nepali girl who had bravely fled her traffickers and the Delhi hotel where she had been confined. That same evening, we worked with our partner in India to confirm her story: this hotel outside of the brothel district had a hidden room where several trafficked girls were being held. The following morning, our staff members in India joined forces with the Women’s Delhi Commission and local law enforcement to raid the hotel and its hidden room. Together, they helped eight girls crawl through the opening in the false wall and out into freedom. During the post-raid interviews, we confirmed that all were victims of trafficking and were intended to be transported to the Middle East. They were scheduled to be taken to Bagdad the following day. The following day. Eight of our daughters were on the brink of disappearing into endless horror…

With tears and the deepest gratitude we cry, Let it not be so!

In the eleventh hour, they were snatched out of the darkness.

We worked with Delhi officials and the local embassy to repatriate all eight Nepali girls. One of them described another location where she had been held with other victims, which led to the immediate rescue of five more of our daughters.

Largest Trafficking Raid in India


Can you imagine the desperation of a parent who finally makes contact with their lost daughter only to find she is being held in a brothel in another country?

This isn’t the plot of a fictitious blockbuster. It was a heartbreaking reality for two parents in northern Nepal this summer. They brought news of her whereabouts – Delhi, India –  to our partner organization in India. These on-the-ground heroes worked with local police to target and plan a raid of significant proportions at a Delhi hotel. Although perpetrators had fled the scene, they successfully freed 18 girls locked in a single, tiny room – 16 originating from Nepal, and two from Bangladeshi. They also discovered 56 Nepali passports on the premises which allowed them to track down 32 more girls in the area in similar circumstances. According to the local media coverage in India, this is the largest and most successful human trafficking raid in Delhi to date.

Our partner in Nepal is now tasked with the aftercare for these 48 Nepali girls: temporary housing, transportation, and the great need of rehabilitation. Their current resources cannot accommodate this group simultaneously. Please give now that we may take care of our daughters in desperate need of a safe place.

It's in the Numbers


What's in the numbers? Hope is.

At Our Daughters International, when we see numbers, we see faces. One of our partner organizations in Nepal shared their 2017 victories, and we had to pass on the good news:

  • 13,277 women were educated and given counsel at the border between Nepal and India
  • 451 women were rescued from being trafficked
  • 66 women were trained in job skills and helped to establish self-sustaining work
  • 25 oppressors were identified, 16 have already been convicted
  • 66 advocacy groups for women were formed, focusing on trafficking awareness, literacy, child marriage, business management, and finances
  • 2,500 women joined these advocacy groups and are educating and empowering themselves

We are grateful for our partners and the work they are doing on behalf of our daughters. Help us continue this fight against trafficking by giving a year-end gift

Three Girls Rescued from Brothel


Most have heard of the Red Light Districts of Mumbai, India, where thousands of women work in prostitution. The neighborhood of Kamathipura was established for the pleasure of British soldiers during colonial rule. This terrifying practice of selling and using our daughters as commodities has continued for many generations - long since colonial rule's end. Not only are women forced into this work against their will, but the female children born to them are expected to continue in prostitution as the rightful "property" of the brothel owners.  

In September of 2017, Our Daughters International, with the help of local authorities and a social justice organization, rescued three of these young girls from a brothel and a future of anguish. Three of our daughters have been delivered from evil. Three of our daughters have been given hope and a future. Thank you for supporting us as we continue this fight against human trafficking!