It's in the Numbers

What's in the numbers? Hope is.

At Our Daughters International, when we see numbers, we see faces. One of our partner organizations in Nepal shared their recent victories, and we had to pass on the good news:

  • 13,277 women were educated and given counsel at the border between Nepal and India

  • 451 women were rescued from being trafficked

  • 66 women were trained in job skills and helped to establish self-sustaining work

  • 25 oppressors were identified, 16 have already been convicted

  • 66 advocacy groups for women were formed, focusing on trafficking awareness, literacy, child marriage, business management, and finances

  • 2,500 women joined these advocacy groups and are educating and empowering themselves

We are grateful for our partners and the work they are doing on behalf of our daughters. Help us continue this fight against trafficking by giving a year-end gift

Don Lee