Largest Trafficking Raid in India

Can you imagine the desperation of a parent who finally makes contact with their lost daughter only to find she is being held in a brothel in another country?

This isn’t the plot of a fictitious blockbuster. It was a heartbreaking reality for two parents in northern Nepal this summer. They brought news of her whereabouts – Delhi, India –  to our partner organization in India. These on-the-ground heroes worked with local police to target and plan a raid of significant proportions at a Delhi hotel. Although perpetrators had fled the scene, they successfully freed 18 girls locked in a single, tiny room – 16 originating from Nepal, and two from Bangladeshi. They also discovered 56 Nepali passports on the premises which allowed them to track down 32 more girls in the area in similar circumstances. According to the local media coverage in India, this is the largest and most successful human trafficking raid in Delhi to date.

Our partner in Nepal is now tasked with the aftercare for these 48 Nepali girls: temporary housing, transportation, and the great need of rehabilitation. Their current resources cannot accommodate this group simultaneously. Please give now that we may take care of our daughters in desperate need of a safe place.

Don Lee