Rescued in the 11th Hour

Staff members from our partner in Nepal were contacted by an escapee – a Nepali girl who had bravely fled her traffickers and the Delhi hotel where she had been confined. That same evening, we worked with our partner in India to confirm her story: this hotel outside of the brothel district had a hidden room where several trafficked girls were being held. The following morning, our staff members in India joined forces with the Women’s Delhi Commission and local law enforcement to raid the hotel and its hidden room. Together, they helped eight girls crawl through the opening in the false wall and out into freedom. During the post-raid interviews, we confirmed that all were victims of trafficking and were intended to be transported to the Middle East. They were scheduled to be taken to Bagdad the following day. The following day. Eight of our daughters were on the brink of disappearing into endless horror…

With tears and the deepest gratitude we cry, Let it not be so!

In the eleventh hour, they were snatched out of the darkness.

We worked with Delhi officials and the local embassy to repatriate all eight Nepali girls. One of them described another location where she had been held with other victims, which led to the immediate rescue of five more of our daughters.

Don Lee