I Found a Future Here

Married at 16, Barsha was neglected by her new family. She faced domestic abuse on a daily basis. When the abuse became unbearable, she ran away with the dreams of pursuing her education. Barsha moved to the city with nothing of her own, she couldn’t even afford to feed herself. A neighbor in her apartment lured her with the dreams of marrying a doctor in India, but this was a scheme to have her trafficked into the brothels in India. Barsha was rescued at our partner’s Krishnanagar border station. A case was filed against her traffickers and they were arrested and apprehended by the court. Barsha has completed a course in fashion designing and has graduated from college with a degree in journalism. She is currently volunteering as an assistant house warden at our partner’s safe home and is hoping to serve the daughters full time. “I had never felt loved by my family, even the family I married into did not accept me, but I found acceptance here. I found a future here, and for that I am grateful”

Don Lee