The Love of Real Friends

Shortly after being born in Kathmandu, Nisa’s mother left her and her father remarried. Her new mother didn’t care for her, so she was raised by her grandparents. Nisa was always good at making friends and while in 6th grade, her new friend invited her to her home. After some time, her friend’s mother introduced Nisa to a man who was a family friend. He began to buy her new clothes and enticed her to take a bus trip with him. After a six-hour bus ride, he brought her to a hotel and abused her. She cried out but there was no one to listen. The next day, he asked her to meet him in India. As Nisa was crossing the border, she was approached by the staff of our partner in Nepal. She shared her story and learned that she was being trafficked and would be sold to the brothels in India. Nisa was destroyed that she was betrayed by the mother of her friend. With the help of our partner’s team, she filed a case with the district court in Chitwan and began her recovery at their safe home. Now 15, Nisa is continuing her studies and discovering hope and a purpose for her life. “Thank you for saving me and giving me this new life. I am so happy to now have real friends who love and care for me”.

Don Lee