Our daughters are not for sale. They are all our daughters.
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Our Daughters International works with various partner organizations who rescue, restore and support our daughters; enabling them to provide a positive impact to society. We believe that leveraging and unifying anti-trafficking efforts globally is the best way to bring our daughters into safety and to give them hope and a future.



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Our Daughters International and our partners use the acronym S.E.E.D. to inform our courses of action: Safety, Empowerment, Eradication, and Development. We bring trafficked women into safety. We empower them to discover themselves and grow healthy physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We work with government officials and law enforcement to eradicate trafficking by changing laws and prosecuting perpetrators at the local and international levels. And, we give opportunities to rescued women to develop their potential and secure self-sustaining work through skill training, micro businesses, and loans.


Nearly 30 years ago, I was exposed to human trafficking; my heart was broken and I made a commitment to stop the flow of women being trafficked from Nepal to India. In 2009, after many years of seeking, I began an organization that established stations along the border between Nepal and India, searching for girls headed towards a life of torment. As we began to rescue girls, we realized the need to establish a safe home for them to recover from their trauma. It was at that time that we no longer saw the rescued girls as victims or survivors, but they became “Our Daughters.”

A job skills training school was then created, so our daughters could become self-sufficient by running a sustainable business when they return home. As they return to their villages and towns, they become leaders; starting women’s empowerment groups, being advocates for the anti trafficking message, and transforming their communities.

Our work has grown, and we now support over 140 staff in the field, but our mission is not done. We are getting calls from all over the world to help others respond to the human trafficking crisis. Our strategy is to take what we’ve learned and replicate it in other countries around the world. I want to thank you in advance for the role you may have in helping Our Daughters International transform society and put an end to human trafficking.

Committed to rescuing all of our daughters,

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Founder and President, Our Daughters International